1st Place Senior Get of Sire of Kastdemur's Cyclone - 2011 ADGA National Show
CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tawny, CH Autumn-Acres Miss Mya, Autumn Acres Miss Mia

~ Herdsires~



~ LaMancha ~

CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal, dam of Ace of Spades
Autumn-Acres Ace of Spades
AL1783790 ~ 03/12/16

  SS: Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine
SIRE: Pine-Springs Camouflage AI
  SD:  Pine-Springs 2 Spots
  DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal
  DD:  CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tara ~ 92 EVEE

Ace is one of the most influential bucks we have ever owned. He improves bone, overall size, width of rump and udder attachment. We love this guy and have numerous finished daughters!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Mat. granddam: CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tara

SGCH Vineyard View Kauai Lychee 10*M, dam of Deeds
*B Vineyard View Dirty Deeds
PL2267226  ~ 02/17/22
~Co-owned with Deanna Fritz~

  SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Rhone
SIRE: +*B SG Rockin-CB KR Hoku
  SD: SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon 8*M ~ 92 EEEE
  DS: +*B Kastdemur's Kauai
DAM: SGCH Vineyard View Kauai Lychee 10*M ~ 92 EEEE
  DD: GCH Vineyard View Desani Mango 9*M

Deeds was brought in to add some udder from Hoku and dairyness and milk production for the beautiful Lychee. Deeds has a wide rump, long body and excellent feet. He is sharp and angular throughout. He is a repeat breeding that made the lovely Papaya (such a tall doe with tons of general appearance). We look forward to seeing his first kids.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Pat. granddam: SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Ceylon 8*M

Photo  of Lychee courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm
Photo of Ceylon courtesy of Rockin-CB


Autumn-Acres Wasn't Me Shaggy
PL2227066  ~ 02/27/22

  SS: +*B SG Kastdemur's Kauai
SIRE: *B Vineyard View MangoCon Tajin
  SD: GCH Vineyard View Dasani Mango 9*M
  DS: +*B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DAM: Autumn-Acres Under My Spell
  DD: SGCH Autumn-Acres Shine On

We were lucky enough to buy Shaggy back after the people who purchased him from us were done using him. He is out of one of our strongest dam lines. His littermate sister, Shiver, is our favorite dry yearling. They both have excellent toplines and rumps and excel in general appearance. I can't wait to see his first batch of kids. Shag is the type of animals we breed for!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Autumn-Acres Under My Spell, dam of Shaggy

Autumn-Acres Spell's Shiver, littermate sister to Shaggy

Vineyard View Gun Metal
AL2339547  ~ 04/12/23

  SS: *B Kastdemur's Raising the Bar
SIRE: Autumn-Acres Titanium
  SD: CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal
  DS: +*B SG Rockin-CB KR Hoku AI
DAM: Vineyard View Raspberry Beret 4*M ~92 EEEE
  DD: Vineyard View Tender Roni 3*M

Gunner is our newest buck addition from Scott of Vineyard View. I have admired Raspberry and her dam line forever and finally one of the does had a buck! He is out of Titanium who was born at our farm and his pedigree and accomplishments in the Kastdemur herd speak for themselves. Gunner takes the best of both parents. He is long, level and angular. We are excited to use this guy feeling he will tie in well.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Vineyard View Raspberry Beret, dam of Gunner

Photo  of Raspberry Beret courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm

~ Alpine ~

Noble-Springs NSRB Maylie, dam of McCoy

Noble Springs The Real McCoy
AA2263784 ~ 02/14/22

  SS: *B Willow Lane ZC Zane
SIRE: Noble-Springs WLZ Robertson
  SD: Noble-Springs NSRB Roberta
  DS: Noble-Springs RHZR Bismarck
DAM: Noble-Springs NSRB Maylie
  DD: Delta-Rho McKinney's Mahindra

McCoy is a stunning boy! We are so excited to have added him to our breeding program! He has some exciting animals behind him and we can't thank Dustin and Justine enough for sending him our way! McCoy is tall, long and level with a wide flat rump. he walks on an excellent set of feet and legs and is sharp and angular. We feel he will be an excellent cross with our does. I am maybe more excited about these kids more than any other planned breedings this season!!

McCoy's first kids are nothing but stellar! We are loving them and can't wait to see some fresh!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Pat. granddam: Noble-Springs NSRB Roberta

Photos of Maylie and Roberta courtesy of Noble-Springs

~ Oberhasli ~

Haycreeks Sonic Spellbound, dam of Intrigue
Haycreeks Xander Intrigue
PB2172998 ~ 02/26/21
On lease from Haycreek Dairy Goats"

  SS: Haycreeks Sandman Fenway
SIRE:  Haycreeks Fenway Xander
  SD: Haycreeks Skyfall Xena
  DS: Haycreeks Speedwagon Sonic
DAM: Haycreeks Sonic Spellbound
  DD: SGCH Haycreeks Salute Shindig

Thanks to our good friend Morgan Allen of Haycreeks we were allowed to use Intrigue for the breeding season. Intrigue is so correct and balanced. He is long, level and clean in the front end. His dam is one of my favorites in Morgan's herd with her pretty udder and that same style of her maternal line that I'm so drawn to. I love some of the planned breedings to him and am highly anticipating his first kids!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Photo of Spellbound courtesy of Haycreek Oberhasli

Autumn-Acres Savage Cooper
AB1976794 ~ 03/07/18

  SS: SG Haycreeks Uptown Funk
SIRE: Haycreeks Uptown Savage
  SD: SGCH Haycreeks Kani Stradivarius
  DS: Haycreeks Brownie Rifle
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres Cooper Penny
  DD: Hoosier Harvest PKV Paisley

We were able to bring Cooper back into our breeding program (thanks to our good friends Dale and Mary Birkey). Cooper is a long, tall and powerful buck. He has daughters that excel in length of body, feet and legs and mammary systems. We are excited to use Cooper and bring back some more Savage into our lines! His littermate sister (Acupela) has been a real re-producer...passing on excellent teat placement and dept of body in her offspring.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

4Petesake Fire Chirp, dam of Chance ~ photo courtesy of 4Petesake
4Petesake Take A Chance
AB2291897 ~ 02/26/23

  SS: *B Luvruc OBRC Davinci
SIRE: *B Look At Me Joy N Valor AI
  SD: GCH Look At Me Charity N Joy AI 3*M
  DS: +*B PH-Oberjoyed HR Fire Cat
DAM: 4Petesake Fire Chirp
  DD: SG 4Petesake Kane's Chatty Cathy

Chance came to join our herd this spring. We were so impressed with the 4Peteake herd. We can't thank Ben and his family enough for letting Chance join our herd. His dam, Chirp, caught our eye being our style of Oberhasli. She is long, level and so correct. She has a productive and well attached mammary with great teat placement. Chance himself is long and level. He is upstanding and angular with strong feet and legs. We are excited to see his first kids!!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:



Tyler and Jamica, 2006 ADGA National Show


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