1st Place Senior Get of Sire of Kastdemur's Cyclone - 2011 ADGA National Show
CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tawny, CH Autumn-Acres Miss Mya, Autumn Acres Miss Mia

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~ LaMancha ~

Slayer's  littermate sister, Shine, and his dam, Sunny
1st place Dam & Daughter 2014 ADGA National Show

Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine
AL1617148 ~ 03/03/12

  SS: +*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom ~ 91 EEE
SIRE: CH Autumn-Acres Medaillon ~ 89 VEE
  SD:  SGCH Autumn-Acres Miss Maple Sugar ~ 92 EEEE
        2010 ADGA National Champion
  DS: *B Kastdemur's Cyclone
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day ~ 92 EEEE
  DD: CH Autumn-Acres Sett Them Strait ~ 92 EEEE

Slayer follows in his mother's hoofprints! You want to talk about a buck that is HUGE and has a ton of bone, this is your guy!!  Slayer is a buck that combines two of our strongest lines and really carries a lot of substance and stature. Slayer is a buck that appears too big to maintain the amount of dairyness that he does, but don't let your eyes fool you. Slayer is a buck is extremely open in his rib design and very  apparent with his tremendous amount of general appearance.

This bucks is super correct on his feet and legs while running up hill and blending very smoothly into his front end. We are very excited about this buck as he has been collected and his semen will be used heavily this year and in the future.

This buck is really producing kids with all kinds of size and bone - consistently! We are looking forward to his kids again this coming spring.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

*B Kastdemur's Cutting Edge AI
L1682326 ~ 03/08/14

  SS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed ~ 91 EEE
SIRE: ++B One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Talon ~ 90 EEE
  SD:  Elm*Glen Tribute Tumore'
  DS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach ~ 88 VEE
DAM: GCH Kastdemur's Venezuela 4*M ~ 89 EEEE
  DD: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Vanuatu 2*M ~ 93 EEEE

This is our new addition in 2014 from Kastdemurs. We are very excited to use him! He is very correct, has excellent width and rear leg angulation, and as a bonus, his dam is gorgeous! This will also bring Talon back into our herd, which has always been so successful for us. We are anxiously awaiting his kids!

Thank you, Krista, for sharing him with us - we are so excited about this buck!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:


GCH Kastdemur's Venezuela 4*M, dam of *B Kastdemur's Cutting Edge ~ photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats


Kastdemur's Brita 4*M, dam of Kastdemur's Raising the Bar AI ~ photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Kastdemur's Raising the Bar AI
L1783741 ~ 03/11/16
Chocolate sundgau, large white belt

  SS: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's Landslide ~ 92 EEEE
SIRE: High-Tor Landslide ZigZag
  SD:  SGCH High-Tor Zagnut ~ 92 EEEE
  DS: ++*B GCH Becca's Hemingway ~ 90 EEE
DAM: Kastdemur's Brita 4*M ~ 89 EEVE
  DD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M ~ 92 EEEE

Bar was just what we ordered! He is a handsome buck...so uphill an dlevel. he has some extreme features like his dam and some beautiful udders on both sides of his pedigree. We thank Krista for sending him to us! He will be used heavily this breeding season!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal, dam of Autumn-Acres Ace of Spades

Autumn-Acres Ace of Spades
AL1783790 ~ 03/12/16

  SS: Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine
SIRE: Pine-Springs Camouflage AI
  SD:  Pine-Springs 2 Spots
  DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal
  DD:  CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tara ~ 92 EVEE

Ace is a huge buck kid. he has lots of size, bone and width throughout. We love his dam, Teal, and feel he follows close in her footsteps! We are using him quite a bit this fall and can't wait for his first kids. Ace combines some of our best lines into one package.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Skye, dam of Autumn-Acres Special Addition

Autumn-Acres Special Addition
L1791149 ~ 04/16/16

  SS: Autumn-Acres Grand Venture
SIRE: Autumn-Acres Journey
  SD:  CH Autumn-Acres Strait's Nexus ~ 91 EEEE
  DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Skye
  DD:  CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day ~ 92 EEEE

Addition is a buck kid out of our beloved Skye. He is long, level and has an exceptional rump. He is upstanding and reminds us of Skye as a kid. We feel Addition will be influential in our breeding program. His dam was one of the nicest does we have ever bred. She combined stature, production, general appearance and udder into a superior package. We think he follows this closely and could pass these traits to his offspring. We feel lucky to have him to carry on all those great genetics!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Autumn-Acres Going For Gold
L1823446 ~ 06/20/16

  SS: Altrece Divine's PR Design
SIRE: Pine-Springs Black Magic
  SD:  Pine-Springs Corus Line B
  DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DAM: Autumn-Acres HT Tempo
  DD:  Autumn-Acres Tempra's Tanzania ~ 92 EEEE

When Gold was born we just had to keep him! He combines style, power and balance all in one package. He is very level over the topline and stands on excellent feet and legs with exceptional width throughout. His dam was only a yearling milker but is impressive with all her size and beautiful mammary system. We feel Gold will be the icing on the cake! Watch for his first kids in 2017.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

~ Alpine ~

GCH PJ-Bailey's Charmer Aglimmer, dam of PJ-Bailey's Driver Aragon ~ Photo courtesy of PJ-Baileys Dairy Goats

*B PJ-Baileys' Driver Aragon
AA1733930 ~ 02/18/15

  SS: +*B SG Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing AI ~ 91 EEV
SIRE: +*B GCH Cherry Glen Realthing Driver
  SD:  Dkidd Dinah' Dianna 7*M
  DS: +*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer ~ 89 VEV
DAM: GCH PJ-Baileys' Charmer Aglimmer 6*M ~ 91 EEVE
  DD: SGCH PJ-Baileys' Sulten Arabella 5*M ~ 91 VEEE
Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

CH Autumn-Acres V's Velocity, dam of Autumn-Acres V's Zenergy

Autumn-Acres V's Zenergy
AA1751554 ~ 02/21/15

  SS: *B Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard
SIRE: Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny
  SD:  Windrush Farms IRS Emily ~ 87 VVEV
  DS: *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Blackout
DAM: CH Autumn-Acres V's Velocity ~ 90 VEEE
  DD: CH Step By Step PVLM Vienna ~ 91 EEEE

Zenergy is a full brother to Zina, Zada and VEnice. He is an extreme buck in length and height. His frame is dairy and sharp with an excellent front end. He is very showy and correct and we feel blessed to have been able to bring him back into the herd! He will be co-owned with  Cody Schlect (we both have been impressed with his kids and can't wait to have a few more!) Thanks Jackie for making it possible.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:


Redwood Hills Klein Rosetta, dam of Redwood Hills Zodiac Revelry ~ photo courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

Redwood Hills Zodiac Revelry
AA1819893 ~ 04/24/16

  SS: +*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack ~ 91 EEE
SIRE: +*B SG Tempo Aquila Zodiac ~ 87 VE+
  SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazzina 4*M ~ 94 EEEE
  DS: +*B SG Hoach's CC Kazaa Klein ~ 86 VVV
DAM: Redwood Hills Klein Rosetta ~ 89 EEE
  DD: SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M ~ 93 EEEE

Revelry is an exciting addition to the herd! When Cody and I saw his dam, Rosetta, we were impressed to say the least. We decided to purchase him together feeling he would bring in what we needed in our Alpine programs! Rev is tall, long and angular throughout. He has excellent rear legs and is so very sharp and clean framed. We can't wait for his first kids! A big thanks to Scott for letting him join our herds!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:
Mat. granddam: SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazzini 4*M
Photos courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

~ Oberhasli ~

CH Deidrago JM Mochas Nakoma, dam of Deidrago SKFL Nakomas Kocoum ~ photo courtesy of Deidrago Dairy Goats

Deidrago SKFL Nakomas Kocoum
AB1813483 ~ 03/11/16

  SS: *B New Dreams JR Permafrost
SIRE: *B Haycreeks Frost Skyfall
  SD: SGCH Haycreeks Xcited Sona 2*M ~ 89 EEEE
  DS: New Dreams Bret Junior Mint ~ 90 EEV
DAM: CH Deidrago JM Mochas Nakoma ~ 87 VVVV
  DD: GCH White-Haven Mocha 3*M ~ 91 VEEE

Kocoum was purchased at Nationals this year. He brings together some of our favorite lines and rolls them into one animal., Kocoum is sharp and clean-framed. He has strong feet and legs and is angular throughout. We love the strong mammary systems in his pedigree and can't wait to cross him with our does! We would like to thank Megan for letting him join our Ober program!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:



Tyler and Jamica, 2006 ADGA National Show


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