Mortgage Hill PP Punky 2014 & 2016
2016 Res. National Grand Champion Recorded Grade

~Oberhasli Senior Does~




~ Purebred/American ~


Haycreeks Cameron Bubble Up
AB1635244 ~ 03/12/13
Bay with correct black markings

  SS: Ober-Boerd Lone Wolf
SIRE: Fixer-Up Cameron ~ 83 V+A
  SD: CH Fixer-Up Xanthe
  DS +B Heaven's Hollow Prince Harry ~ 88 VEE
DAM: Haycreeks H Sprite 3*M ~ 91 EEEE
  DD: GCH Haycreeks SD Spring 2*M ~ 91 VEEE


Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Loughlin's Bacardi
AB1685176 ~ 03/17/14

  SS: ++*B SG Body-Shops Tipsy Cherry Parson
SIRE: *B Loughlin's Sinfully Red
  SD:GCH Udderly Crazy Showgirl 5*M ~ 91 VEEE
  DS: Udderly Crazy PC Hot Stuff ~ 87 VEV
DAM: SGCH Udderly-Crazy A Southern Belle 9*M ~ 88 +EVE
  DD: SGCH Tonka-Tails PC Hot Stuff 8*M ~ 91 EEEE

Bacardi freshened this spring with a pretty little udder. We felt she was a little immature and needed time to grow. The summer has been her turning point fillin gout and really coming into herself in the milk department. She is a smoothly blended doe that stands on an excellent set of feet and legs. her mammary system is well attached both fore and rear with good teat placement. Bacardi was not shown until the 2nd half of the season and did not disappoint going 2X RGCH (one being the Indiana State Fair). We love this doe and can't wait to see her mature! Thanks to Kristin Loughlin for sending her to us!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:

Autumn-Acres GlitterLikGold
AB1749550 ~ 03/14/15
Bay with correct black markings

  SS: *B New Dreams JR Permafrost ~ 80 +A+
SIRE: *B Haycreeks Frost Slingshot ~ 85 VV+
  SD: SGCH Haycreeks Xcited Sona 2*M ~ 89 EEEE
  DS *B Haycreeks Prince Sussex
DAM: Haycreeks Sussex Glimmer ~ 86 +VVE
  DD: GCH Haycreeks SA Shimmer 3*M ~ 91 EVEV

Gliltter is one of our first home-bred Obers. She is a beautiful dry yearling - showing lots of size, bone and smoothness throughout. She has a level topline and excellent rump. We can't wait to see her fresh - her dam, Glimmer, had a beautiful udder and we have our fingers crossed that Glitter follows her maternal line.

Glitter had a great show season placing 4th at Nationals in a very competitive class and going Grand several times throughout the year!!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:
  2016 4th Place Dry Yearling, ADGA National Show


Haycreeks LED Z Feel of Spring
AB1730769 ~ 04/01/15
Bay with correct black markings

2016 National Oberhasli Junior Champion

  SS: Fixer-Up Cameron ~ 85 V+A
SIRE: Cardinal*Hill CAL Led Zeppelin
  SD: SGCH Cardinal*Hill XCA Limerick 1*M ~ 90 VEEE
  DS *B White-Haven Masquerade ~ 82 +V+
DAM: Haycreeks Masquerade Splendor
  DD: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Silky ~ 85 VEE+

Spring was exciting as a kid and has matured into a very special doe. She is a tall, long and level doe that walks up-hill with style and grace. We love this doe and can't thank Morgan from Haycreek for sharing her with us. Spring has had an amazing year going BDIS several times and being name National Champion  Junior Doe at the 2016 National Show.

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:
  2015 1X Jr. GCH - NAILE
  2016 ADGA National Show:
1st place dry yearling
National Jr. Champion Doe



NAILE 2015

~ Recorded Grades ~

CH Mortgage-Hill PP Punky
E1589625 ~ 03/03/12
2-03   88   VVVE

2016 National Rec. Grade Reserve Grand Champion

  SS: *B Brackett's Sunburst Sinful
SIRE: *B Body-Shops SG Pumpernickel
  SD: SGCH Brackett's Sunburst Gretal 12*M ~ 91 EEEE
  DS: Merry-Menagerie CBS Bogart
DAM: Seau A Lait Penelope
  DD: SG Seau A Lait CC Caledonia ~ 91 EEEE

What more can I say than WHAT A POWERHOUSE! Punky is a one of a kind doe and she milks like a cow, never misses a beat, milks 2 gallons a day out of a beautifully attached mammary system. She has a pushy loving personality and is always the same rain or shine. She has had an exceptional year winning the 4 year old class at Nationals, was name Reserve National Rec. Grade Champion and was also part of the 1st place Best Three Females. She has won numerous BOB awards throughout the summer. We love this doe...she makes us money every day and shows well, too!

Linear Appraisal: Year Show Record:
2-03   88    VVVE 2014 RGCH (both rings) Hoosier Classic
and Indiana State Fair
ADGA National Show:
1st place Rec. Grade 2 year old
  2016 ADGA National Show:
1st place Rec. Grade 4 year old
National Res. Grand Champion



2014 ADGA National Show



Allegan County Fair 2008 - Top Showman


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